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Tax Management

For more than 25 years Signature America Wealth Management has provided strategic, financial advisory services to individuals and corporations.  

Tax Management

Tax Advice

While we do not give tax advice, we have a separate tax planning firm which we routinely consult before we recommend a product or an investment strategy to our clients.

The Tax Impact of Your Investments and Planning Strategies

Financial services field is not an island to itself. While a good financial planner can manage your money and help you with strategies that appear to save you big in taxes today, the net effect may not be known until the tax time, or even years later. Here are a few common situations:

  • The results and rewards of a good investment can diminish if they increase your income taxes.
  • If you are saving large amounts in a retirement plan today, what effect it will have on your taxes when you retire?
  • Should you really take advantage of investments in solar, energy resources, low-income housing for tax benefits?

Your Tax Life is History on December 31

On December 31 midnight, all your income and expenses become history. In other words, you cannot change them. Later, at tax time, you give your tax professional your income and expense statements of the past year, including the gains and losses from your investments. It is too late for him to advise you that certain investments you made have negative consequences.

Best Results

Clients achieve the best results when the advisor and clients both have access to tax professionals on an ongoing basis. For this reason, we have established a separate tax planning firm, Tax Centers 360.

For more information CLICK HERE to schedule a FREE CONSULTATION! or just visit Tax Centers 360 to get started!

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