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360° Financial Planning!

True financial planning is so much more than simply choosing a mutual fund, annuity or stock allocation. It involves taking in to account all the components of your financial life. Finding your unique balance, diversifying for protection and preparing for a retirement free of unnecessary fear or stress. In the following diagram, consider how each part of your financial life may impact the other and how finding that “balance” can impact your life.

360 Degree Holistic Financial Planning

It is common for people to view their investment advisor or insurance person as a “financial advisor”. True financial planning is much more than that, as shown in the following diagram. All the parts of your financial life have an impact on each other.

Parts Alone Don’t Make a Great Home

You may have purchased the best flooring, best kitchen appliances and best of everything, but if your home built piecemeal without a proper harmonious design by architects, none of the nice things you purchased will have the intended benefit. It is the same thing when it comes to your life’s financial plan.

Let’s Help You Build a Great Plan

Along with offering the best products, we strive to bring the best balance among these parts to achieve the happy results for the client. We know that high returns on investments alone have never brought true happiness to anyone. Or the fact that most trusts fail to accomplish their true intended purpose because the attorney never told you that a trust is just a cold piece of paper. A love letter from you to your children and future generations can make the trust immensely more meaningful (ask us for copy of a sample love letter).

What About Taxes?

When should you begin receiving your Social Security? How much of it you will give back to the government in the form of taxes? For living expenses, should you first withdraw from your IRA or from other investments? Which method will save you taxes? Our special proprietary software helps us answer these and many other tax related questions.

True, Holistic Advisors for You

More than the skill to attain the best results for the client, we immerse our minds in client’s world to understand his goals, aspirations, fears and concerns. These efforts in return help us help our clients at a level they have never known before. Our clients look upon us as true, well-meaning advisors. As fiduciaries, we always put their interest before ours.

We Will Love to Hear From You

If you like our financial planning approach, we would love to talk to you. We invite you to a brief 30-minue phone or Zoom meeting to get to know each other. Click on the link below to schedule an appointment.

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